Jun 25 Indie Week 2015

Tribeca Grand Hotel
2 Ave of the Americas
New York, NY

Read the 2015 Indie Week Wrap-Up here.

Let’s do this! Indie Week 2015 will celebrate our 10th Anniversary from June 22-25 in NYC.

Daytime panels, presentations, and Executive One-on-One Sessions will take place at Tribeca Grand Hotel, 2 Ave of the Americas, NYC.

Indie Week is free to attend for all A2IM members.
Deadline to sign up for Executive One-on-One Sessions will be Friday, May 15.

View the current list of RSVPs here.

Hotel discounts available here.

Indie Week Agenda

Monday, June 22
Off-site meetings – contact jen@a2im.org for more info

Tuesday, June 23: Licensing & Publishing

10AM – 1PM – Executive One-on-Ones with Distributors, Label Services Providers, and Digital Supply Chain Services

2PM – 6PM – Executive One-on-Ones with Music Supervisors, Brands, and Backoffice Solution Providers  (2 hour blocks available)

1PM – Advocacy & Commerce: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You moderated by Rich Bengloff (A2IM) with panelists Seth Bloom (Bloom Strategic Counsel PLLC), Alisa Coleman (ABKCO Music & Records), Daryl Friedman (The Recording Academy), Julia Massimino (SoundExchange), and Jeremy Peters (Ghostly International).

Music consumption has increasingly shifted away from ownership towards an access model. Revenue from digital services comes from a fixed pool of subscription fees and/or advertising dollars which are then split between sound recording owners, publishers, and artists. In this new economy, the Independent label community must be diligent in fighting for our fair share. Music copyright law revisions are currently being debated in Washington; A2IM President Rich Bengloff will present A2IM’s sound recording-owner advocacy initiatives and moderate a panel with representatives from the music industry creator community constituent groups. 

2PM – Foreign Representation for Indie Labels moderated by Mark Spier of Royalty Solutions Corp. with panelists Rell Lafargue (Reservoir Media), Bruce Lampcov (Fintage House), and Jim Selby (ole).

It is vitally important for independent labels to be properly monetizing ALL of their assets. Maximizing their international PUBLISHING collections involves many of the same issues involved with properly collecting master performance (neighboring rights) royalties globally.  Hear first-hand from experts in the field about the various options and strategies that are available to indie labels for representation & collection of their publishing royalties outside the U.S., and how you can ensure that no monies (most importantly, interactive streaming mechanicals) are being left on the table.

3PM – The Future of Sync moderated by Tim Lee (Tummy Touch Music Group) with panelists Michael Frisch (Shukat Arrow Hafer Weber & Herbsman LLP), Mike Ladman (McCann New York), MELILLO (MELILLO MUSIC), and Andy Moerschell (Reservoir Media).

Synchronization licensing of music in audiovisual media is a lucrative and vital source of revenue for many independent musicians, labels, and publishers.  It is also a highly-competitive arena that is rapidly evolving alongside the evolution & transformation of traditional media into new hybrid forms.  Learn from experts who are engaged at the forefront of the biz how licensing parameters, business models, and strategies are changing, and what you need to know to stay up-to-date and competitive in the world of syncs.

4PM – Brand Partnerships: Rewarding and Risky moderated by Anelka Argiro (Wind-Up Records) with panelists Lauren Angeloni (American Express), Aatish Patel (starpower), and Chan Tran (Jet Blue).

Brand Partnerships are here to stay, and as the number of brands devoting budget and resources to music marketing continues to grow, so do the opportunities to align your artists with the right brand to help achieve your goals. But before you pick up that phone, you should understand how, when, and why to work with brands and how to avoid potential pitfalls. Join us to hear directly from brands on how they work successfully with independent artists and labels, what you can do to ensure your next Brand Partnership is a game changer, and their prediction for the continued evolution of Brand Partnerships.

6PM – 9PM – A2IM 10 Year Anniversary Party at Slate, 54 W. 21st St, NYC.

Wednesday, June 24: Marketing & Revenue

10AM – 6PM – Executive One-on-Ones with Retailers, Streaming Platforms, and Marketing Services helping to improve the promotion and revenue for your artists and label. (2 hour blocks throughout the day)

1PM – Not Surviving, Thriving: Response to Friday Street Date moderated by Michael Kurtz (Record Store Day) with panelists Martin Mills (Beggars Group), Michael Bunnell (CIMS), Eric Levin (AIMS), and Bryan Burkert (Sound Garden).

The indie community responds to the IFPI’s push for the Friday global street date. How can we harness our unique culture and business community to maximize what we do and make it work for artists and music fans while expanding business?

2PM – Promotional Use: The End of “Good Exposure” moderated by Gabe Spierer (Beggars Group) with panelists Matt Hanks (Shore Fire Media), Jon McMillan (mtheory), and Jessica Myers (Big Machine Records).

As we hurdle toward a world in which music and content consumption are increasingly and demonstrably becoming a replacement system (for the traditional revenue model), various entities (labels, media, artists, publishers) are left to redefine promotional value in this new reality.

3PM – Analyze This! moderated by Cat Kreidich (The Orchard) with panelists Jeff Bell (Partisan Records/Knitting Factory Records/Young One Records), Anna Bond (Rough Trade USA), Simon Mortimer-Lamb (Nettwerk Music Group), and Dennis Murcia (Tropisounds / Codiscos).

The music industry has long since been about gut-instinct.  Now with data at our fingertips and the tools to use it making it so simple to inspire good decision making we invite you to be a part of our discussion on how your colleagues are using data tools to make educated decisions on a day-to-day basis to improve their businesses and maximize revenue.

4PM Marketing Genius Award Finalists moderated by Molly Neuman.

The best marketing concepts from the past year (according to the A2IM Libera Awards voting process) to be presented by the masterminds behind their plans. Adam Farrell (Loma Vista Recordings) will be presenting Loma Vista’s Little Dragon ‘1-800-NABUMA’ campaign (marketing lead: Adam Farrell). Dan Ghosh-Roy (Pledge Music) will be presenting 311’s ‘STER3OL1TH1C’ Pledge Music album release campaign (marketing lead: Rich Lyne). Annie Chen (Mass Appeal Records) and Amaechi Uzowigwe (Run the Jewels) will be presenting the Run the Jewels ‘Meow the Jewels / Tag the Jewels’ campaign (marketing lead: Run the Jewels) (Mass Appeal). Eric Welles Nystrom (Luaka Bop) will be presenting the William Onyeabor ‘William Onyeabor Box Set’ campaign (marketing lead: Eric Welles Nystrom).

Thursday, June 25

1PM – Art of the Deal presented by Michael Reinert and Monika Tashman from Fox Rothschild LLP and Eric German from Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

This panel will explore the “in’s and out’s” of what’s involved with the basic structure of artist deals today, taken from the label’s perspective. Whether you are an established label or just starting out, this panel will give examples of what to expect in these types of negotiations – by letting you have a front row seat as two lawyers go at it in mock negotiations. We will present a few different hypotheticals that will cover the gamut from specialty labels to those with broader rosters across genres. And we’ll try to show you how these deals differ from those with the majors.  Topics we’ll be hitting include:

How long should these deals be in terms of time and product commitment; What the concerns are with artists in niche genres and what the labels need to commit to; The importance of synch rights and the economics behind them; What, if any, different income streams the label may participate in; Various economic models to fit the context of the deals

2:30PM – 5PM – Annual Meeting / State of the A2IM Union  featuring guest speakers Alison Wenham of WIN/AIM, Charles Caldas of Merlin, Helen Smith of Impala and a keynote by Ted Kalo, the Executive Director of the musicFIRST coalition, which coalition seeks equitable treatment for music labels and their artists, including having Congress enact legislation to create a performance right royalty for sound recording owners for AM/FM radio airplay.

7PM – 11PM – A2IM Libera Awards ceremony

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