Indie Week 2017

June 5, 2017

A2IM Announces Indie Week, June 5-8th 2017

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The Independent music community will come together from June 5th-8th 2017 in New York City for A2IM’s Indie Week presented by SoundExchange in partnership with Buzz Angle Music and CI. Indie Week is an international conference and networking event aimed at maximizing the global impact of Independent music. 2017’s Indie Week will be the largest to date, and will include interactive panels, workshops, keynote speeches by Independent music luminaries, and one-on-one discussions. 

A2IM Indie Week 2017 will held at The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center on New York City’s Lower East Side.

*Please note: when registering for Indie Week, a Libera Awards ticket is NOT included* 

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Tim Westegren (Co-founder and CEO – Pandora)

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Susan Butler (Executive Editor & Publisher – Music Confidential)

Unmasking Transparency:

The call for greater transparency in the music industry typically targets record companies and collecting societies, but is there really a lack of transparency in their operations or in the way in which they distribute revenues today? What is it that those who cry out the loudest really want or need? What is available—and happening—in the marketplace already that should be meeting those needs and desires? Susan Butler will discuss these issues and some of the initiatives with the attending audience.


Special Talks:

Daily introductions by Richard James Burgess (CEO – A2IM)

Conversation with Michael J. Huppe (CEO – SoundExchange)

Closing remarks by Darius Van Arman (Co-Founder & Co-Owner – Secretly Group)


Stay tuned for more panel announcements, as well as official scheduling! 

Strengthen Your Core: Accelerate your business growth.

This is the theme-setter for Indie Week and all discussions to follow. Why – because your core is inextricably linked to all areas of your business. If the essence of your endeavor is undefined, other aspects of your company will likely never be fully realized. Do you know the true value of your catalog? Can you describe your future needs in detail? Will you be able to stay ahead of the trend curve for long-term growth, effectively maintain the happiness of your artists, and ultimately increase your bottom line? Join us to gain the competitive advantage.

#business #management #assets #cashflow #growth


Data: Make informed decisions.

Collecting data is one thing. But knowing how to efficiently utilize that information and truly understand what resulting key performance indicators (KPIs) say about your company’s chance of achieving key business objectives, is critical to understand how strategies are best optimized and targets are met. In plain language, our panelists break down the meanings behind the numbers and show how accurate interpretation of data leads to making better business decisions – factors related to revenue growth, profit margins, market share, and customer loyalty.

#data #labels #publishers #distribution #dsps #trends


Next Generation of Indie Leaders

Investing early is not just about financial investments … it’s about your talent. How you commit to include a diverse field into your company’s growth strategy will pave the way for your future. We will discuss how to sharpen your instinct to best identify, and cultivate high-potential, up-and-coming employees that you will need as future leaders in your company. We take a look at the next generation of business movers and shakers that are setting the path for future success. We’ll hear how they look at new business idea, the challenges, what they are seeking, and thoughts on the business environment. This one is for the hustlers looking to make even bigger things happen, and for the veterans looking for ways keep their team filled with stars.

#nextgeneration #business #tech #assets #growth #diversity


Opportunities in Your Home and Car:

The automobile dashboard has – and continues to adapt to new listening trends – especially with the future of autonomous vehicles on the horizon – while connected devices in your home will be able to translate to the road. How can you be sure your music is being called upon. You’ll hear what’s on the horizon from Automobile manufacturers, product integrators, and DSPs on what to expect, how to get there, and best ways to collaborate – and tailor your business strategy to get ahead of the game now.

#radio #business #tech #assets #playlists #programming #future #automobile


International Go Bag:

This discussion takes us globetrotting for an in-depth and eye-opening study of the realities of expanding beyond our borders, specifically Australia, China, and Germany. If you have already booked your flights, ask yourself: Are you truly prepared? Have you thoroughly examined the challenges specific to the country; barriers to entry, inefficiencies, opportunities (hidden and obvious), royalty collections – the legalities of partnerships, licensing, and distribution? Lastly, what is the potential return on your investment and … is there a finite upper limit to how much your company will benefit in these new territories? Join us to discover how to best prepare yourself, and what it’ll take to equip your ‘go bag’ – bon voyage!

#international #business #tech #investment #promotion #distribution


Anatomy of an Independent #1: Case Studies

Listen to case stories from fellow members who have experienced the complete odyssey in getting to #1 – including the joy, frustration, fatigue, and even bewilderment. Every release is unique, but all journeys to the peak are affected by myriad of factors that directly relate to the resulting hit; what worked, what didn’t, miscalculation, and not surprisingly, the politics behind it. You’ll learn how to prepare for the long haul – once a song reaches its flash point. So grab your ropes, climbing shoes, and carabiners … see you at the top.

#hits #business #assets #promotion #programming


Playlisting Plus:

Getting on the right playlist can have great impact on your artist’s success. We’ll discuss entry points, how Indie’s can gain leverage with DSPs, and best practices to attract the attention of editorial teams. Topics covered will include: what you should focus your marketing budgets on (small and large), how to re-energize your catalog, recognizing data attributes to help you push your release exposure, the value strand, and finally … what’s next?

#playlisting #streaming #exposure #tech #data #dsps


Brands & Music: Understand how brands make decisions, and what they are looking for.

What is the pathway to close a deal with a brand. How can you use data to win a brand partnership. What goes into a brand’s decision making process and how do you make a better pitch? What other ways are there to work with a brand and create more revenue opportunities?

#business #brands #revenue #data #marketing


Alternative Tech: The Mixed Reality of VR.

Let’s face it, it’s not enough for consumers to engage in a singular and traditional transactions any more, like purchasing/streaming music or attending a concert. They want the experience that goes with it. Many see possibilities within the live music sector, but we’re still in the nascent stage of the possibilities and applications. How will VR be incorporated into what labels can do with their artists – to offer fans something new, different and interactive? Not coincidentally, as required hardware prices decrease, consumer adoption is increasing. Listen, as experts focus on current state of VR, its future, what type of investment will be required, how to possibly incorporate VR into your marketing strategy, and what are the potential returns.

#business #tech #vr #future


The Economics of Sync.

Demand for music in TV, film, and commercials have been on the rise especially with services like Netflix and Amazon’s original programming – which creates greater opportunities for labels and publishers. Innovative online licensing platforms have also emerged that are disrupting how music can be licensed more efficiently and cost-effectively. How are market factors affecting revenue opportunities? And what do the new types of deals look like?

#sync #economics #assets #promotion #revenue


Radio: Redefining Success.

Your definition of success will be at different levels for your artists at various points in their career lifecycles. Where you set the bar will help you focus on your long-term strategy to build market-by-market, create new fans, and set up for the next radio push.

You’ll hear key points such as: When is the right time to go to radio? What level of airplay should be your goal. What are the critical factors required to gain attention from radio programmers? With records taking so long to develop at radio these days, what is the best strategy after losing early supporters. What can you expect as a return on your investment.

#radio #business #tech #assets #promotion #programming


Publishers and Labels Working in Concert.

In what areas can Independent labels and publishers work together more effectively. What change can we bring to the industries so we may combine forces to become more competitive in the marketplace? Is there a better way to share data, increase international collections, quicken licensing requests, create a more effective lobby, and improve operating efficiencies.

#labels #publishers #assets #growth #data


Merlin Annual Meeting. (Merlin members only)

Merlin CEO Charles Caldas will host Merlin’s annual US member meeting at Indie Week 2017 where he’ll share highlights and developments in the digital market from Merlin’s perspective, as well as providing a look at the annual Merlin member survey, revealing how members are seeing the marketplace as it relates to their business.

#digitalmarketing #economy #digital #members


Investing for Your Future: What are your options.

This valuable Q&A session focuses on the fundamentals of investing – the basics, the intricacies, the perfect partnerships, and the pitfalls. When should you look for investors? What should you be aware of when an investor approaches you? Do you understand the difference between debt, and equity financing? We’ll discuss the importance of realistically valuing your catalog, and how that undeniably impacts the investment itself – and even take a peek at what a deal structure of this nature looks like. This panel will help your company prepare for growth, as you (prudently) take on different partners – those necessary allies who are, indeed, the right fit at the right time.

#investing #business #assets #cashflow #growth


Passionate Fans…Super Serving the Underserved and Presenting your Art
This workshop will focus on how to find, nurture and establish a long-term, lucrative relationship with the most underserved segment of the music consumer…the passionate fan. This fan wants to more deeply understand and immerse themselves in the full creative vision of the artist as opposed to just clicking “play” on their mobile device. This workshop will talk about how to find them, nurture them, and forge the career-bond that rewards both the fan and the artist.


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2017’s Indie Week will culminate with A2IM’s 6th Annual Libera Awards, which recognize the year’s achievements by Independent artists and labels. Last year’s winners include chart toppers Alabama Shakes and Run The Jewels, breakout artists Courtney Barnett and Kamasi Washington, and innovative labels ATO, Sub Pop, and Daptone Records.

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