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    Alliance Records Inc. was founded in 1984, by Patrick Talev-Karanfilovic, with the vision of producing high-quality productions with full artistic freedom, combined with all the love, determination and spirituality of each and every artist, for each and every production. In 1998 his production partner Marcel East (David Benoit, Al Jareau, Fourplay, Earth Wind & Fire) joined the Alliance team as they both had a vision for the future of taking this small independent label to new heights. Represented in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the label has grounded the future for an international alliance of great craftsmanship of musicians. The entertainment group specializes in Contemporary Jazz, R&B, Jazz, Nu-jazz, Adult Contemporary, Pop and Hip-Hop music. The alliance of all styles, is our trademark with high end quality recordings. Our vision is unifying all our products into an alliance of communication without any borders through the language of music. Our welcome page on says: Welcome to the World of Alliance Records Inc. For us, no matter whatever or wherever the source of inspiration is, music has no borders. In fact, for us, music is one of the most unifying forces on earth. It communicates emotions, feelings, and understanding among people who cannot understand a word of each other’s language. With outmost artistic freedom and craftsmanship, spirituality, love and determination for the music we produce and release, we try to reach each and everyone in an alliance of all. “If only the world could feel the power of harmony” Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart