About Joining

Thank you for your interest in A2IM! A2IM (The American Association of Independent Music) actively seeks new members from every music genre within the independent music community. Our members are made up of two categories: Label Members (those who control music masters) and Associate Members (companies that work with, rely upon, or otherwise support independent labels).

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What is A2IM and how does the organization benefit its label members?

A2IM is a non-profit trade organization seeking access and parity for Independent music companies on par with the largest companies in the music industry. A2IM seeks tangible economic gains for our members in the areas of advocacy, commerce opportunities, and member services. For more information, please click on our member services summary.

What does it cost to join A2IM?

Label members’ dues are based upon SoundScan market share for the most recently concluded calendar year. To see our dues grid, click here. Any label with a market share of less than 0.02%, or less than approximately $1.0 million in wholesale billing before distribution fee if any, qualifies for our minimum dues fee of $1,000 for a 12 month membership with A2IM.



What is the value of becoming an Associate Member of A2IM?

Any company with a stake in maintaining and strengthening the Independent Music Sector should support A2IM by becoming an Associate Member. Independent music accounts for, according to Billboard Magazine, over 35.1% of the music industry’s market share in the United States. Independent music is crucial to a myriad of supporting businesses. Without a thriving Independent Music Sector, many of those who qualify for Associate Membership with A2IM would cease to exist. On top of the value of supporting the Independent Music Sector, your company will benefit directly by the access to potential new customers via Associate Membership with A2IM. For more information, see here.

In order to initiate the membership process, please provide us with the information requested. Once submitted, your pledge will be reviewed and an A2IM representative will contact you with a dues quote for your 12 month membership. You can also contact A2IM CEO, Richard Burgess or A2IM Member Relations Manager, Patrick Ferrell for more info.

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There are many individuals and organizations in our extended Independent family that aren’t ready to join as a Label or Associate Member. For them, the A2IM Supporters program offers introductory access to our community and a unique opportunity to grow! Through this program you will learn about new industry trends, receive significant discounts on select services and conferences (i.e. SXSW Music), and so much more. Click here for more information on the A2IM Supporters program.

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*Disclaimer: To qualify to be an A2IM Supporter, your label’s gross revenue must be $100,000 or less a year.