A2IM Copyright Office Filing on Music Licensing

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A2IM has filed a public comment in response to the Library of Congress U.S. Copyright Office Notice of Inquiry Regarding Music Licensing. This is a must read for all A2IM members which describes how the RIAA representing the major label Duopoly are creating a misperception of the “so called” major labels market share in both the U.S. and world market places and as a result garnering a disproportionately high share of digital music revenues at our communities expense. The filing also covers other areas where creators should be compensated including the enactment of a sound recording royalty at broadcast radio. In Tuesday’s NY Post they covered our Copyright Office filing here. There are a few wrinkles in the story’s facts but the overall thrusts of our concerns are included in the article.

In June there will be U.S. Congress House of Representative hearings in D.C. on Music Licensing that will take place on Tuesday June 10 and Wednesday June 25. and in June the U.S. Copyright Office will be holding roundtables on Music Licensing in Nashville (4-5), L.A. (16-17), and NYC (23-24) and we have multiple members signed up to speak. We will continue to advocate for equity and fairness for our community until it becomes a fact! A2IM’s full filing he HERE.


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