A2IM files with the Federal Communications Commission on Net Neutrality

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In advance of the FCC’s meeting on May 15th when the Commission will consider Proposed Rulemaking related proposing enforceable rules to protect and promote an open Internet A2IM filed its comments on May 5th.

The need for an open Internet, a concept called “net neutrality”, is essential for small and medium sized creators like A2IM’s music label members. Without Net Neutrality we could end up back in the gatekeeper era with no direct access to consumers for promotion or monetization will occur as is the case for broadcast radio and physical retail where barriers to entry reign. Concerning events have already occurred like Netflix deal for better internet access with Comcast. Billboard reported that the FCC planned pay for faster internet standards, effectively a two Internet scheme. The FCC Commissioner Tom Wheeler responded on the FCC .GOV Blog that that his intentions have been mis-interpreted, noting “To be very direct, the proposal would establish that behavior harmful to consumers or competition by limiting the openness of the Internet will not be permitted”. We’ll await next week’s FCC meeting but in the meantime A2IM’s filed comments are HERE.


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