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We are writing to let you know of an opportunity to join a multi-industry creator community letter being organized by the US Chamber in support of the proposed PROTECT IP Act legislation.  The text of the letter is here.  A2IM has signed onto this letter. We hope some of our individual members, especially those across the country (in particular those not located in Nashville, NY and California, although we hope those members will sign on to the letter as well), will sign-on separately.  The needs of small and medium sized businesses that employ people and create intellectual property for use at home and abroad resonate with Congress more than any other group.

If interested in signing please contact John Riley at ASAP giving him your authorization noting your organization’s name and address and your name and title and also note whether you are an independent music label or music service provider to the independent music label community. If you want to sign-on, please sign-on now as the letter will be going out shortly. Also feel free to share this opportunity with any of your creator community colleagues. If you sign-on please copy Rich Bengloff at

Now that we have our ISP colleagues committed to help us fight piracy, and we thank them, we need our legislative supporters in Congress to help get the Protect IP bill passed.  PROTECT IP is a bill aimed at denying access to pirate or rogue websites, especially those registered outside the U.S. which are “dedicated to infringing activities”.  If passed it would give the United States Department of Justice the power to seek a court order against an allegedly infringing website, like RapidShare In Germany or Megaupload in the Ukraine, which are currently beyond the reach of U.S. laws.

In addition to the multi-industry creator community letter we describe above, we’d previously asked you in a recent CALL TO ACTION to write an individual letter to Congress supporting PROTECT IP.  If you have not yet done so please write now!


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