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A2IM’s Licensing & Publishing Committee has created a messaging list for the purposes of presenting synch licensing opportunities to our label members.

A2IM members interested in seeing synch opps presented MUST opt-in to join the list.

Music supervisors can use this email list to get a message quickly and easily out to our label members. Simple. Straightforward. Easy.

Those interested can participate, those not: don’t do a thing.

This is about making it easier for music supervisors to be in touch with our A2IM member labels who want these opportunities sent to them. We’d urge you to put your correct staff member’s email on the list (the person on your staff that handles licensing, but the person MUST be a direct employee of your label and not a 3rd party provider or freelancer working on licensing for you and for other clients).

The list will be moderated by A2IM staff to prevent inappropriate messages and brands asking for usages that are inappropriate for the circumstances (gratis commercials, e.g.)

A2IM Members can sign up HERE or email Jennifer Masset.

We’ve heard from many of our label members who feel like they don’t know how best to hear about synch opportunities and we want to help connect music supervisors in an easy way, where they can submit projects, and A2IM members can, as appropriate, submit music for consideration.

We thought we could help.

A2IM is hosting this filtered platform for synch licensing opportunities to be shared with our members. We hope our members and the licensors who use this platform to message opportunities benefit from it. Obviously, any opportunities posted here are not made by A2IM and A2IM cannot accept any responsibility in respect to any arrangements you may enter into with any party via this platform.

If you have not yet read the Updated Licensing 101 (2011) white paper written by A2IM’s Licensing & Publishing Committee, please do so¬†HERE.

MUSIC SUPERVISORS: If you are interested in messaging an opportunity to the best in the American indie music community, please send information directly to A2IM Super Indie List HERE. If you would prefer to keep search anonymous and/or have a playlist created of all submissions for you, please email info to Jennifer Masset.


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