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Soon The Recording Academy will open the 2011 GRAMMY submission process (we’ll message you shortly with more info about this). Given the concerns by certain A2IM member labels over changes in the 2012 award categories (read more here), our annual membership registration outreach gives our members and their artists a chance to create change.

A2IM encourages everyone from the independent music community who performs, produces, mixes, engineers, or is involved creatively with music to join The Recording Academy and, if you qualify, become voting members and participate in this year’s Grammy Awards 1st round nomination process.

If you want to submit your music or artists for GRAMMY consideration as a member of The Recording Academy, and not just as a registered label/media company, you need to be approved as a member of The Recording Academy by June 30.

If you qualify as a voting member and want to join in order to vote in the first round nomination process, you’d need to be approved as a member by September 15.

Make sure you forward this to your artist, producer, and songwriter contacts as well and encourage all independents to become members of The Recording Academy.

In the last 3 years, independents have experienced unprecedented success in terms of both nominations and awards.  Let’s keep that momentum going in 2011.

There are many member benefits and reasons to support The Recording Academy.  Learn more at  The cost to join is $100 a year and you can register HERE.  


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