A2IM Grammy Nominations: Get Us Your 1st Round Nominees

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A2IM will be communicating our members’ 1st round nominees for official GRAMMY nomination.

The first-round ballot of all artists, albums, and singles submitted for consideration has been shipped out.  If your submission(s) has been selected for Grammy nomination consideration you should have received notification from The Recording Academy.  To have your artists/albums/tracks included in our communication read on.

We are creating a list of our members’ nominees and circulating this list to our full contact list early next week.

By the close of business Thursday, October 21th please send a list of your 53rd Annual GRAMMY nominations from the distributed first-round ballots in the following format using this spreadsheet Include info for all columns on the spreadsheet:

Part (either 1 or 2, 1 for general field, 2 for all other fields):
Field Number
(29 in total, no field numbers for general categories):
Field Title
(ie. General, Pop, Dance, Rock, etc.):
Category Number
(109 in total):
Category Title
(ie. Record of the Year, Best Alternative Music Album, etc.):
3 Digit Entry Number
(Assigned by The Recording Academy, not the number you used for submission):
Album / Song Title:

If you have any questions on the above, please don’t hesitate to contact or 212 999 6113 ext. 3.

IMPORTANT: if not in the above format using the spreadsheet, your nominees will not be included in our members list that we’ll be distributing to our contacts.  We’ll be sending our comprehensive list in a quick turnaround to get into the hands of as many Recording Academy voters as possible by October 23rd.

If you are a voting member please hold your ballots and tell your friends to hold theirs until we send out our list so you can support and vote for your fellow A2IM members.

Good luck and remember, VOTE INDEPENDENT!



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