Update on Industry Campaign on Music Piracy

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In June A2IM sent out a Call To Action urging independent labels and our partners to join other members from our industry that rely upon music having value for their own livelihoods.

The response to this campaign on music piracy last month has been remarkable – nearly 14,000 messages to Congress have already been sent!  The feedback and interest among our community has been great and is very important as we put a local and independent face on an issue that too often is framed by the blogosphere as only affecting “wealthy, fat cat executives who rip off fans and artists”.  We know that NOT to be the truth and therefore we MUST speak up and be heard.  Together, I am confident Congress will hear our call — but we need to be louder still.

If you have not yet sent an e-mail to Congress via this link, please do.  It only takes a moment and will make a difference.

If you have already sent an e-mail to your members of Congress – thank you.  Please consider making an even bigger impact by asking your friends, family and colleagues to join us.  You can easily forward the e-mail by clicking here.

A2IM will continue to keep you updated on our industry’s Congressional activity and other opportunities to get involved in protecting and defending the industry and art form that we all love.  In the meantime, be sure to join the Music Rights Now Facebook community or visit for news and information of interest.


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